KPN Corp x Kosé Beauty Class

In our ongoing dedication to the development of KPN Corp Employees, we are delighted to share the success of our first collaboration event with Kosé, a Japanese Multinational Skincare Brand. This shows our commitment not only to enhancing their soft and technical skills but also to nurturing their self-care and self-confidence, reflecting our approach to personal and professional growth.

Our Beauty Class, held in 4 different sessions, engaged a total of 133 participants who actively immersed themselves in every aspect of the event, including the Skincare Class, Skincare Demo, and One-on-one Skin Check.

This event served as a refreshing break for our employees amidst their busy schedules, offering valuable knowledge about skincare routines. By actively participating in the skincare demo together, employees not only gained practical insights but also felt refreshed and happy, contributing to their overall well-being and morale.

This initiative reflects our commitment to enhancing both their professional skills and personal wellness, fostering a positive and rejuvenating workplace environment.